How to Get Relief From Sciatica Back pain

What exercises should I do and what exercises should I avoid to help this along? I got me an exercise ball and I’m doing things like bridges and crunches and walking the ball. I heard that aerobic exercise will also help.

How to relieve sciatica pain fast

My L4/L5 disc is pressing on my sciatic nerve and that is what is causing the pain. Should I avoid running because it will create pressure on the bulging disc, discouraging it from resorption? Or should I stick to things like swimming, biking, and elliptical?

I also love weight lifting can I lift weights, or should I avoid that until my back is healed? It’s quite annoying because I want to do more intense exercise and get in good shape but I’m limited in which exercises I can do because of the back and leg pain. It makes me tire quicker and makes me feel old 

It will take FOREVER. If you know that you have issues with bulging discs, WHY are you even lifting? Seriously, anything that requires you to place any kind of stress on your lower back will irritate a very important nerve and if you do not see a doctor or physical therapist to advise you as to what stretches and easy exercises to you, you can and will permanently damage the nerve, not to mention the L4/L5 disc that is already apparently compromised.

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